About Us



Jewellery has the power to transform any ensemble, any outfit, any look.

A statement chain, a simple set of earrings or a bold ring can enhance or emphasise which ever part of your personality you wish to present to the world through your wardrobe.




MARCE Jewellery is produced entirely in London. Each piece is individually made by hand in our North London studio, with the motivation to ensure the best in both quality and artistry. 


Thanks to the teachings of the London Jewellery Workshop in Shoreditch and Nina Gilbey, jewellery making is the main focus of this brand at present  specialising specifically in chains.

Thereby creating special luxury handmade gifts.


Our pieces are the embodiment of power and strength and are carefully crafted to complement and accentuate the male and female form.


Our brand is the perfect balance between, casual elegance and edgy refinement.

We appeal to both the alternative fashionista and the modern man


MARCE does not have a specific wearer in mind, though those who wear our designs have a clear sense of their own personal style, those who want to experience the feeling of confidence unique to donning a piece of MARCE handmade Jewellery designs. 

Our aim is to offer every customer, the ideal accessory for every outfit and for every occasion.

As we believe the way you dress is a direct reflection of how you feel.

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